Eu normalmente ficaria indeciso sobre a utilidade de uma televisão com Android, tal como a Scandinavia (foto acima), só que ela é feita por uma empresa sueca chamada People of Lava (Povo de Lava), então ela deve ser animal, não? Ou pelo menos ridícula.

Felizmente, a Scandinavia parece ser um pouco dos dois. O primeiro produto com Android 1.5 da empresa será uma TV LCD full-HD de 42 polegadas, com retroiluminação por LED, que entrará em teste beta no meio do ano e será vendida em setembro, seguida por modelos de 47 e 55 polegadas. Ela terá apps como Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps e Twitter, além de um navegador e cliente de e-mail, e mais apps estarão disponíveis na People of Lava App Store.

Mas temos alguns possíveis problemas aqui. Será que a App Store deles vai ter apps o suficiente? E mesmo que haja vários apps, quantos deles eu vou mesmo usar? YouTube, claro que sim. Tempo e temperatura, com certeza. Mas eu não consigo me imaginar tuitando da minha TV. Como a Wired lembra, se precisar de um teclado eu vou pro meu celular ou laptop.

Dito isto, deve ser muito da hora falar que tem People of Lava na sua sala de estar, então deve ser difícil resistir a essas TVs. [People of Lava via Wired]

Swedish manufacturer launches world’s first Android TV

Sweden’s People of Lava beat everyone to the chase to launch the world’s first fully interactive internet TV. Following the launch at IFA Berlin in September, the new People of Lava "Scandinavia" will hit the stores, complete with Full-HD LED display and a fully integrated Android platform. But starting already early summer, selected early users will be able purchase and evaluate the Scandinavia TV through a beta-test program. And discussions are already ongoing with potential future partners and developers for content and media.

The Scandinavia TV set is the embodiment of People of Lava’s vision to build a machine that goes beyond push-TV to become "a window to the world".

– Think of it as a device that provides all the functionality that you would expect from an Android smart phone, combined with the quality and definition you demand of a high-end Full-HD LED TV set, says Christian Svantesson, co-founder and CEO of People of Lava.

The Scandinavia Android TV – which will first be released in a 42" version, followed by 47" and 55" – is built without compromises. It features top-of-the-line components and is carefully put together by hand to ensure the kind of quality that customers expect from a People of Lava Full- HD LED TV set. Its Android platform and internet capabilities provide a wide range of functionalities, including:

– Out of the box Android TV applications such as: – YouTube, Google Maps ,Weather, Time, Calendar, Internet Browser

– Downloadable Apps, both free and from coming App-store: – Facebook, Twitter, Email and more…

– Internet connection

– USB connection

The Scandinavia TV is unique in many ways. Not the least in the design and materials. People of Lava have worked with the German office of the well-respected design-firm Designit to capture the sprit of the company in the design. The materials have never been used in televisions before – a nearly natural material, with a very deep gloss, and hard as stone, otherwise mainly found in exclusive kitchen and yachts.

According to current plans, this is even the first TV to be built in Sweden for several decades – thus bringing a proud Swedish tradition back to life. For this reason, People of Lava has set up their own assembly-line at their offices in Stenungsund, outside of Gothenburg.

The price of the Scandinavia 42" will be between €2,000 and €2,500 at the global sales-start in September.

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