A SplitFish apresenta na E3 os controles de PS3 Dual SFX Frag Pro e Dual SFX Evolution. Ambos são compostos de mouse e controle separados, com o primeiro projetado para shooters, e o último, para jogos de corrida.

Eles atualizam os modelos anteriores cortando os fios – as duas peças dos dois produtos são wireless.

Ainda não há informações sobre preço, mas eles serão lançados no outono norte-americano. [SplitFish]

    SplitFish to Unveil FrevolutionX System at E3 2009

    The Latest in Innovative Line of PlayStation®3 Peripherals Will Set Players Free

    Zurich, Switzerland, Edmonton, AB-May 27, 2009 -SplitFish Gameware, Inc. ("SplitFish") will give the game industry its first hands-on look at the Dual SFX Evolution and Dual SFX Frag Pro, the latest additions to its line of innovative controllers for PlayStation®3, at E3 2009. The new controllers are part of SplitFish’s brand-new Frevolution X System to be available this fall.

    The Dual SFX Evolution and Dual SFX Frag Pro will be shown to media and wholesalers by appointment only. To schedule time to see these amazing peripherals, e-mail Michael Meyers at Michael@mmpr.com.
    "We want to change the way people think about playing on game consoles. This FREVOLUTION X split-controller series was born from our customer and pro gamer wish list of control surfaces and designed around the natural macro/micro mechanics employed by your mind when playing action games. The result is an evolved, feature packed, customizable dual-controller setup that brings out the best in individual gaming styles," said Jason Johnson, co-founder and head of creative development for SplitFish AG.

    The Dual SFX Frag Pro improves upon the tremendously popular FragFX, adding a dual wireless system to the intuitive controller. An ergonomic, optical laser mouse provides PC-like accuracy and easy PS Home navigation, while the left-hand grip provides full SixAxis motion control. Like the FragFX, the Dual SFX Frag Pro includes completely customizable settings, letting gamers precisely choose their preferred sensitivity.

    Designed specifically with flight, sports and driving titles in mind, the Dual SFX Evolution combines the intuitive action-gaming mechanics of two-tier accuracy control into one complete control interface. A right-hand motion/analog joystick controller joins an updated version of the Fragchuck made famous by the original FragFX. Together, the two provide the simultaneous macro and micro gaming control necessary for action games.

    Both the Dual SFX Frag Pro and the Dual SFX Evolution include dynamic sensitivity adjustments, analog stick swap ability, full support for all PS3 games, as well as PlayStation®2 games played on PS3, and upgradeable firmware.

    For more information on the Dual SFX Frag Pro and the Dual SFX Evolution, please visit www.splitfish.com.