LaCie Ethernet Disk roda Windows XP e é compatível com o Time Machine da Apple

O mais novo Ethernet Disk da LaCie não é legal apenas pela alta capacidade – até 6 TB. Segundo a empresa, é um dispositivo NAS compatível com o Time Machine da Apple.

O mais novo Ethernet Disk da LaCie não é legal apenas pela alta capacidade – até 6 TB. Segundo a empresa, é um dispositivo NAS compatível com o Time Machine da Apple.

Não sabemos se é oficialmente aprovado pela Apple, mas o press release sugere que ele tem os mesmos recursos para backups da Time Machine do que uma Time Capsule ou um Airport Extreme com um disco USB ligado.

O NAS roda Windows XP Embedded, pode ter até 6 TB em um rack de 19” 1U e é compatível com diversos sistemas operacionais. Suporta 100 usuários com direitos de acesso personalizados e acesso simultâneo de até 25 usuários.

Não é exatamente barato. A versão com 6 TB custa US$ 1.500. Se isso é um pouco demais pra você, há as opções de 4 TB, por US$ 1.100, e 2 TB, por US$ 749.

The NAS features 6TB in a 1U 19-inch rack-mounted case and can work with all OSes out on the market. It can support a total of 100 users with customizable access rights and up to 25 users accessing it at the same time.

It’s not exactly cheap. The 6TB edition costs $1,500. If that’s a little too much space for you, there’s a 4TB option for $1,100 or 2TB for $749. As for the Time Machine capabilities, here’s what LaCie said:

    LaCie Ethernet Disk: Up to 6TB in a Rack-Mounted Backup Appliance

    * 1U 19" rack-mounted backup solution for small and medium business

    * Most comprehensive data backup and protection software suite in its class

    * Can be used together with Apple® Time Machine™

    * Powered by trusted Windows® XP Embedded

    * Instantly store and share files with Mac®, PC, Linux or Unix users

    LaCie today introduced a new version of its award-winning Ethernet Disk, a network-attached storage (NAS) device featuring a capacity increase of up to 6TB in a 1U 19" rack form factor. Designed by Neil Poulton, it is the most compact all-in-one rack-mounted backup appliance operating in heterogeneous ecosystems.

    Designed for small and medium business needs, the Ethernet Disk is powered by the field-proven Windows XP embedded operating system that provides all the necessary features for data backup, storage and file-sharing through its Gigabit Ethernet connection. Thanks to Active Directory compatibility, the LaCie Ethernet Disk supports a total of 100 users with customizable access rights to different shares, with up to 25 concurrent users.

    "Microsoft is pleased to work with LaCie to provide the core embedded foundation for its new Ethernet Disk," said John Doyle, Senior Product Manager for the Windows Embedded Business. "We are excited to provide customers with an innovative platform that allows them to develop a, smart, connected device that offers increased security and storage capabilities."

    Developed to provide data protection for Windows, MAC, Linux and Unix-based workstations, the LaCie Ethernet Disk ships with three licenses of both Genie Backup Manager ProTM for Windows and Intego Backup Manager ProTM for Mac, which can perform scheduled file backups for workstations. The LaCie Ethernet Disk’s ability to work together with Apple Time Machine allows Mac users to take advantage of the continuous data protection the software provides.

    The included backup software protects against major disasters and natural catastrophes by offering a computer recovery function for selected workstations. Optional extra licenses are available through the LaCie online store.

    The LaCie Ethernet Disk can integrate into any global disaster recovery plan, as its built-in engine can back up its volumes either onto a USB-connected DAS (direct-attached storage) to be taken off-site, or remotely onto another NAS.

    "Backing up data – even mission-critical data – always boils down to making and storing copies of data, located on your primary storage device, onto a secondary device," said Erwan Girard, LaCie Product Manager. "For this reason, the perfect backup companion for your information system should be kept simple and cost-effective. The LaCie Ethernet Disk offers computer backup and recovery, and backs itself up onto a NAS or DAS, all at the best price-per-terabyte ratio in the market. It is therefore an excellent complement to the complex and expensive technology used in front end storage servers."

    The LaCie Ethernet Disk is available immediately in capacities of 2TB, 4TB and 6TB through the LaCie Online Store or LaCie resellers at the suggested retail price starting at $749.99 (excluding VAT), which includes a three-year limited warranty. Silicon feet and bracket covers are included for standalone use, as well as power and Ethernet cables. The optional Rack Rail Kit is available for $59.99 while the Advance Replacement Option is available for European customers for €124. For more information visit

    About Neil Poulton
    Neil Poulton was born in Thurso, Scotland. A graduate in Industrial Design from Edinburgh University and Milan’s Domus Academy, Poulton first came into public view in 1989 as the creator of "the ageing pens," pens made from a "living," wearing plastic that changes color and form with use. Today, Neil Poulton designs and develops best-selling, award-winning products for a variety of international clients including LaCie & Artemide. Since 1991, Poulton has lived and worked in Paris, France.

    About LaCie
    Located in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong, LaCie is the leading manufacturer of computer peripherals for Windows, Apple and Linux users. LaCie creates external storage solutions and color monitors that help professionals and everyday people easily manage their digital lives. LaCie has differentiated its products through original designs and leading-edge technology. Established in France in 1989, LaCie is listed on Euronext under FR0000054314 (LAC). For more information, visit

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