Samsung mostra novas séries de TVs de LCD com LEDs ultrafinas

Na última CES, perguntamo-nos onde estavam escondidas as magníficas TVs de LCD com LEDs da Samsung. Aqui estão elas: três novas séries – todas com pretos überescuros e espessura de pouco mais de uma polegada.

Na última CES, perguntamo-nos onde estavam escondidas as magníficas TVs de LCD com LEDs da Samsung. Aqui estão elas: três novas séries – todas com pretos überescuros e espessura de pouco mais de uma polegada.

Os televisores das séries 8000 (LNXXB8000), 7000 (LNXXB7000) e 6000 (LNXX6000) contam com bordas Touch of Color (a da 8000 com um novo acabamento), Ethernet embutida para streaming do Netflix e integração com o Yahoo! Widget Engine, uma plataforma aberta para widgets de terceiros para previsão do tempo, fotos do Flickr etc., aos quais quase todos com TVs ligados à rede estão aderindo. Contam ainda com decodificador ATSC – não muito comum em modelos ultraslim. As séries 6000 e 7000 terão modelos de 40”, 46” e 55”. A 8000 não terá modelo de 40” e será a única com taxa de atualização de 240 Hz. A 7000 parece ser semelhante, mas em um chassi de cor diferente e com taxa de 120 Hz. Todas consomem cerca de 40% a menos de energia do que outros modelos de LCD.

Novidades também para as tradicionais TVs de LCD com CCFL – 240 Hz passa a ser padrão na nova linha 750. A série 6 de LCDs e a série 8 de plasmas também ganharam retoques.

Devem sair todas ainda neste semestre. Os preços não foram anunciados.


    LED Technology Brings Higher Contrast Ratios, Slimmer Designs and
    Improved Energy Efficiency to the Living Room

    LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2009 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and
    award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, raises the bar for flat-panel TVs
    everywhere with the launch of an entirely new line-up of advanced LED HDTVs.
    Samsung’s latest HDTVs will be on display at Booth #11033 during the International
    Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center,
    January 8 -11, 2009.

    The new 8000, 7000 and 6000 Series build upon the success of Samsung’s first and
    second generation LED HDTV models. These cutting-edge TVs use LEDs as their
    primary light source, rather than traditional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL).
    Benefits of using LEDs include ultra-high contrast ratios, slim depths that allow for more
    artful designs, plus increased energy savings. In addition, a variety of state-of-the-art
    networking features give the ability to adapt to how consumers view and experience
    with shows, movies, games and other multimedia at home.

    “Samsung has proven LED technology is a viable choice for consumers desiring the
    best picture possible from an LCD television. Samsung’s latest LED televisions redefine
    the standards for viewing quality, energy-efficiency and home entertainment décor,”
    said Jonas Tanenbaum, Vice President of LCD HDTV Marketing at Samsung
    Electronics America. “Samsung stays committed to developing technology and products
    that go beyond current expectations of value, quality and innovation. And, we are
    excited to be a part of this exciting point in TV evolution.”

    Top-Notch Picture Quality
    Each of the three Samsung LED HDTV Series for 2009 boast high dynamic contrast
    ratios, complements of Samsung’s ground breaking LED light source. Compared to a
    traditional CCFL, LEDs produce darker blacks that appear endlessly deep to the eye.
    Whites also remain crisp and bright with vivid colors. The result is picture quality that
    measures up to the natural beauty of life. For instance, Samsung’s Wide Color
    Enhancer Pro feature lets consumers enjoy a broader color palette. The Ultra Clear
    Panel further allows the preservation of every detail even in brightly-lit, imperfect
    viewing conditions. This is done by effectively allowing more light to pass through the
    screen and simultaneously reducing reflections from ambient light. And with an adaptive
    “Natural” mode, Samsung’s LED HDTVs can combine the recognized brightness
    advantage of LCD displays with the cinema-like viewing experience of plasma displays
    by automatically optimizing picture settings.

    Samsung’s entire LED HDTV line-up incorporates a number of innovative features to
    reduce the motion blur and image judder, which traditionally plague LCD HDTVs when
    displaying fast movement. All three series boast Samsung’s acclaimed Auto Motion
    Plus™ frame interpolation technology. The 8000 Series uses a swift refresh rate of
    240Hz – four times the rate of other TVs – that nearly eliminates the ill effects of
    displaying quick, action-packed motion. The 7000 and 6000 Series, with an also-quick
    120Hz refresh rate helps ensure crisp, easy viewing of sports, video games and movies.

    Expansive Networking and Entertainment Possibilities
    In 2009, Samsung plans to redefine what it means to watch television with
    “Internet@TV – Content Service” Developed with Yahoo!, the Internet information
    interface will be available on a number of 2009-model Samsung HDTVs. Using either a
    wired or wireless Ethernet connection included in the 8000 and 7000 Series,
    “Internet@TV – Content Service” lets consumers access content onscreen from Yahoo!,
    Flickr, YouTube and more with the push of a button. The widgets-based interface and
    scrollbar run along the bottom of the screen for easy browsing of the latest programs
    and content. Even after purchase, consumers will be able to enjoy a growing library of
    widgets, as the widget development kit will be open to content providers willing to create
    new offerings. The 6000 Series includes access to Samsung’s InfoLink™ RSS service,
    which can instantly display updated news, sports, weather and stocks information with a
    touch of the remote.
    Beyond online entertainment, Samsung’s LED HDTVs can also connect to a variety of
    other devices and content with ease. Included USB ports make viewing videos and
    photos from a camcorder, playing music from a media player or accessing multimedia
    files from a portable drive simple.

    Lighting the Way for Functional Design
    Samsung’s new LED HDTVs offer not only a lifelike viewing experience and a portal to
    the latest entertainment, but break free from the conventional limits of integrating a
    television into a room’s décor. By using LEDs, Samsung has been able to shave all
    three series down to ultra-thin depths. At just over an inch thick, the sets remain trim
    without cutting back on connectivity options, nor foregoing an ATSC tuner.
    To further complement the svelte design of the new LED HDTVs, Samsung created an
    ultra-slim wall-mount solution – reducing the gap between the TV and the wall to around
    0.6 inches, down from the two inches of bulkier solutions. The ultra-thin LED HDTV
    depth coupled with the new wall-mount solution allows for a simple installation akin to
    hanging a picture frame.
    In 2008, Samsung created its unique Touch of Color™ (ToC™) design, which uses
    dual-injection molding to coat a translucent, colored surface to achieve an attractive
    crystalline appearance. The latest evolution of Samsung’s ToC™ design begins with a
    deep piano black bezel that fades into distinct chrome that finishes as a clear prism
    along the outer edges (8000 Series) or light ruby (7000 and 6000 Series) highlights. The
    intensity of the color subtly changes depending upon the viewing angle, and further
    accentuates these TV’s slim bezels.

    Going Greener
    Lit by LEDs the Samsung 8000, 7000 and 6000 Series all meet the more stringent
    Energy Star® v3.0 guidelines by cutting power consumption to significantly new lows.
    LEDs are also mercury-free, which adds another degree of environmental friendliness
    and safety compared with other currently available backlight technologies. Energy
    consumption is reduced by 40%+ versus traditional LCD HDTVs of similar size. The
    LED HDTVs also include an optimized energy savings mode that adjusts the backlight
    and picture quality while continuing to produce smoother, more natural images.


    Compliance With New Energy Star® v3.0 Guidelines Help Consumers Save and Go Green;
    Auto Motion Plus™ Technology Delivers Stellar Picture Quality
    LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2009 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and
    award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today unveiled its next-generation
    LCD HDTV lineup with CCFL backlighting. The LCD HDTV line-up is led by the Series
    7, which is the company’s first CCFL-backlit LCD TV with a 240Hz refresh rate.
    Samsung’s line of LCD HDTVs will be on display at Booth #11033 during the
    International Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held at the Las Vegas
    Convention Center, January 8 -11, 2009.
    “We are proud and excited to deliver consumers Samsung’s first CCFL-backlit 240Hz
    LCD HDTV to consumers,” said Jonas Tanenbaum, Vice President of LCD HDTV
    Marketing at Samsung Electronics America Inc. “Samsung continues to push the
    envelope in terms of technology and design innovation, and consumers will experience
    even better clarity, more vibrant colors and unprecedented networking capabilities
    available on Samsung’s newest line-up of LCDs.”
    The Series 7 features a fast 240Hz refresh rate, a speed twice that of current 120Hz
    sets, and quadruple that of standard HDTVs. The refresh rate and a faster panel work
    together with Samsung’s proprietary Auto Motion Plus™ 240Hz frame interpolation
    technology, to eliminate motion blur and judder with fast-action material, for stunning
    motion detail.
    Both the Series 7 and Series 6 650 (32-inch and larger) LCD HDTVs impress with
    Samsung’s improved Ultra Clear panel, a polarizer that reflects room light to produce
    deeper, darker black tones and bolder colors. By enhancing the performance of the new
    polarizer, the reflection rate is decreased significantly from previous versions, making
    blacks even darker, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions in the room. Both
    Series also feature Samsung’s adaptive contrast picture setting, called “Natural” mode,
    which combines the brightness advantage of LCD displays and the cinema-like viewing
    experience of plasma displays. The result is a new level of video richness perfect for
    viewing films.
    Additionally, both the Series 7 and 6 feature low power consumption, thus saving
    energy and money for the consumer. They meet the more stringent Energy Star® v3.0
    efficiency guidelines.
    Recognizing the need for HDTVs to not only be technologically advanced, but also
    aesthetically pleasing, the HDTVs all feature Samsung’s new Touch of Color™ (ToC™)
    design. The unique ToC™ frame is produced by using dual-injection molding
    technology to luxuriously coat a translucent surface over the chassis.
    Series 7
    Superior Picture Quality
    The 240Hz Series 7 LCD HDTV offers an excellent option for home theater enthusiasts
    who are focused on high-performance LCD picture quality and innovative product
    design. The HDTV’s swift 240Hz refresh rate and Auto Motion Plus™ technology,
    Samsung’s proprietary frame-interpolation technology, work in tandem to produce
    viewing quality comparable to that of the best CRT displays.
    Samsung’s exclusive Wide Color Enhancer 3 technology maps source colors to the
    panel’s color space. This results in exceptionally vibrant, yet natural-looking images
    faithful to the director’s original intent.
    Advanced Design
    In addition to the new ToC™ design, the Series 7 also sports a transparent bar that runs
    across its bottom bezel. The bar clearly divides the TV from the speaker compartment
    which houses a pair of down-firing speakers. It further serves to highlight the glass-like
    quality of the set’s frame while giving the illusion that the display floats in mid-air. With a
    stand constructed using transparent reinforced glass, this stunning look is heightened
    even more.
    Connectivity Features
    Equipped with impressive networking skills, Series 7 LCDs feature Samsung’s new
    Internet@TV – Content Service. Powered by the revolutionary Yahoo! Widget Engine,
    users will be able to access widget-based content from a wide array of Yahoo! Internet
    sources including Flickr, News, Weather and Finance along with future 3rd party
    providers as they become available. For added flexibility, the Series 7 goes beyond its
    built-in wired Ethernet connection, and supports 802.11a/b/g/n wireless networking
    capabilities via a wireless USB dongle. What’s more, the Series 7 is DLNA certified and
    supports wireless connections allowing viewers to easily enjoy their PC-based music,
    video, and pictures from any room in their home. .
    Series 6
    Auto Motion Plus™ 120Hz
    Available on all Series 6 models 32-inches or larger, Samsung’s proprietary Auto Motion
    Plus™ 120Hz frame-interpolation technology virtually eliminates motion blur and judder.
    Furthermore, the advanced panel has a fast pixel response time to produce razor sharp
    images even with fast-paced motion in action scenes.
    Touch of Color™
    Further reinforcing Samsung’s commitment to innovative design and high performance,
    the Series 6 distinguishes itself with a ToC™ design reminiscent of a beautifully blown
    wine glass. Taking a cue from the popular Bordeaux series, Samsung carries this
    fashion-forward look further by applying transparent color to the TV’s four edges. A two-
    tone gradation of transparent ruby color yields a much softer, glassier look for the
    deeper and wider curve at the bottom of the bezel. The color does not appear from the
    front but at the sides, resulting in a lighter and unobtrusive design compared to previous
    ToC™ models.
    A Multimedia Hub
    Just like Series 7 sets, the 2009 Series 6 650 (40-inch and larger) HDTVs also feature
    the Yahoo!-driven Internet@TV – Content Service. Made possible with a collaboration
    with Yahoo!, Internet@TV – Content Service is widget-based and delivers a whole new
    level of connectivity by providing access to Internet-based multimedia content from
    Flickr and other Yahoo! services. With a click of the remote control, these widgets are
    easily accessed via a bar-style graphic user interface which sits on the bottom of the
    screen. Using an optional wireless dongle, the Series 6 is also wireless DLNA compliant
    allowing for simpler access to multimedia stored on household computers.

    The Series 7 ranges in panel sizes of 40, 46, and 52 inches. Series 6 sizes, on the other
    hand, extend much more broadly.19, 22, 32, 37, 40, 46, and 55. Both the series 7 and 6
    will be available by the 1st half of 2009.

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