A Apple Store está fora do ar, por conta dos lançamentos de hoje. Mas aproveitemos o ensejo para curtir o momento com a música “Apple Store is Down”, que nosso querido Joel Johnson gravou quando era editor do Boing Boing Gadgets. Clique aqui para ouvir.

As letras estão aqui embaixo, mas se você quer ouvir a mais pura voz de Joel em uma música aleatoriamente gerada (bem aleatória mesmo) com imagens de (supostos) keynotes da Apple, clique no link do Boing Boing.

Ah, você não está nem aí pra música e quer saber o que a Apple vai revelar hoje? Bem, nós já listamos os possíveis produtos. Clique aqui para conferir. [Boing Boing Gadgets]

Apple Store Is Down

Best not make any plans today.

The Apple store is down,

new shit is on its way.

A tablet Mac or new SDK.

Doesn’t matter,’cause it’s Apple, As long as Steve goes slow in the keynote:

"Had a great business year, our future success is clear.


But I have just one more thing to show before I disappear.

And I think it’s the most exciting thing that we are gonna launch this year.

Boom it’s here."

Listen, Steve, my friends and I

have decided that it’s okay that you know (whoa)

that we don’t want for you to die.

If it happened the stock would flatten.

So if you go, go slow!

I need a new boat.

"My hair is gone. I’m grizzled gray. Retire you ask? Not today.


’cause I have just one more thing to show before I disappear.

It might be the most important product that we’re gonna launch this year.

Boom it’s here."

BRIDGE: My head is swimming; my mouth is dry. I hardly can believe that I am worthy to be in this distortion field.


’cause I want just one more thing to own before I disappear.

And my life needs one more thing to glow to add a little cheer.

Oh thank god it’s here.