PC BFG Tech Phobos inclui touchscreen e serviço doméstico

Ficamos intrigados com a imagem teaser do BFG Phobos e sua interface touchscreen, e agora que seus detalhes foram revelados, o fascínio é ainda maior.

Ficamos intrigados com a imagem teaser do BFG Phobos e sua interface touchscreen, e agora que seus detalhes foram revelados, o fascínio é ainda maior.

As especificações estão dentro do esperado: processador Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Edition a 3,2 GHz, duas placas gráficas Nvidia GeForce GTX 295, 6 GB de memória DDR3 PC3-12800 a 1.600 MHz, quatro HDs de 300 GB Western Digital VelociRaptor, drive de Blu-ray, refrigeração líquida etc. Tem até dock integrado para iPod ou iPhone. Outro recurso interessante é o serviço complementar que inclui instalação grátis em casa e seis meses de visita de manutenção.

Eu nunca conheci alguém com um equipamento para gaming high-end que precise de alguém para ajudá-lo com o hardware, mas suponho que, se você gasta de US$ 3.000 a US$ 8.000 em um computador, não tem mesmo que levantar nem um dedo para fazer algo além de jogar.


    Phobos features innovative touch panel LCD with Performance Control, upcoming BFG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Graphics Cards, Liquid Cooling Solutions from CooIIT, and Intel Core i7 Processors

    Lake Forest, IL – January 5, 2009 – BFG Technologies, known as a leading supplier of premium power supplies and 3D graphics cards, is excited to announce its first line of complete gaming and multimedia PCs, called Phobos. These sleek hand-built, high performance machines were designed with the “Graduated Gamer” in mind. This audience is looking for all the performance associated with a high-end gaming system, but none of the hassle related to building and servicing such a system. As a result, Phobos is sold with complementary Concierge Service which includes expert in-home installation and a six month follow up maintenance visit.

    “Phobos was designed for gamers and media enthusiasts who demand top of the line performance, but may not have the time, desire, or expertise to build or maintain a high end system,” said John Malley, senior director of marketing for BFG Technologies. “Our Concierge Service ensures our systems meet those high expectations—delivering Unbelievable Performance without monopolizing our customers’ time.”

    Phobos is designed with the highest-end components available, featuring the Intel® Core i7 965 Extreme Edition 3.2GHz Processor, two upcoming BFG NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 295 Graphics Cards, and CoolIt® Contained Liquid Cooling Solutions to keep both the GPUs & CPU cool during the fiercest of gaming battles. BFG Tech also outfitted Phobos to serve as a home theater command center by choosing Windows® Vista Ultimate with Media Center, including four hard drive bays, offering RF remote and TV tuner with DVR functionality, a front slot-loading Blu-ray Disc® drive, the option for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound audio cards, and an integrated iPod®/iPhone® syncing dock.

    Phobos is as impressive externally as it is internally, offering Refined Aesthetics and an innovative design. Its sleek black gloss finish and hidden cable management makes Phobos look at home in the living room, next to a flat panel TV and high end audio components. BFG Tech’s ground breaking touch panel LCD with performance control further sets Phobos apart from every other system in its class. The panel provides users with a System Status Overview—a real time snapshot of the processor, memory, network, and storage data. Phobos owners can also make real-time performance adjustments based on desired use (Auto/Quiet/Max), monitor the capacity and health of internal storage devices, display and control audio and video files, and more.

    About BFG Tech
    BFG Technologies is a privately held U.S. based supplier of premium power supplies and 3D video cards based on award-winning NVIDIA graphics technology, and a manufacturer of high end gaming/home theater systems. BFG Tech is dedicated to bringing the latest high quality, high-tech multimedia products to PC and gaming enthusiasts at competitive prices. Like the company’s target customers, many of BFG Tech’s employees are gamers and PC enthusiasts, and they strive to provide hardware and marketing that reflects the company’s passion and excitement for the latest technology. www.BFGTech.com
    Phobos™ System Specs

    Phobos has three conveniently pre-configured high-performance systems that can be used as a starting point:

    • Phobos Performance (from $3,000)
    • Phobos Advanced (from $5,000)
    • Phobos Elite (from $8,000)

    Please visit www.bfgsystems.com after January 8, 2009 to see what specific options are available in each version.


    • Upcoming BFG NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 295 Graphics Cards (x2 for Quad SLI®)
    • BFG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 for Dedicated PhysX™ Processing
    • Intel® Core i7 965 Extreme Edition 3.2GHz Processor
    • CoolIt® Contained Liquid Cooling Solution (GPU&CPU)
    • MSI® Eclipse SLI Intel® X58-based Motherboard
    • Patriot® 6GB PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 Memory
    • 4x Western Digital® VelociRaptor 300GB Hard Drives
    • Slot Loading Blu-ray® Super Multi Optical Drive
    • BFG LS-1200 1200W High Efficiency Power Supply
    • Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 Sound Card
    • Integrated iPhone®/iPod® syncing dock
    • Unique 8” Interactive Touch Panel LCD
    • In-Home Set Up Included with Every Phobos Purchase

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